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Allright…came here to write with an idea..but it now, with a my awesome music mix I made on Youtube puttin’ duh tunes in my head..let’s see what happens.

The current track playing is Catgroove by Parov Stelar..very upbeat and happy.

Used to listen to this track ALOT..actually quite obsessively.  Attached to it are some good memories of fire-spinning.  It’s a track that gets me going or a song I like to hear when I am going.

….drifting off to the next song….

Endless Fantasy by Anamanaguchi.

I surf all over the place with this one..nostalgia of playing video games as a child..a part around 4:14 that gives me chills everytime.  I imagine it as a burst of my true potential coming out and shining..

I really miss being a kid sometimes..the simplicity of life and how the smallest of things were so exciting.  In so many ways I’m that same kid..but clouded by all this adult non-sense.  Everything is so worrisome all the damn time.  It can and should be fun.  Life I’m speaking of.

“Oh no!!!  The van needs new brake pads”

“Uggh..why is everything so complicated?”

“Why does nearly EVERYTHING cost so much money??”

“Why must I work so much, only to receive so little in return?”

…and blah, and blah, and blah, AND blah.

I should be paid to do fun things..or at the very least be paid a lot more for the things I do already.

Complaining doesn’t help..heck, even venting doesn’t help.  Being thankful is where it is at.  Something I must learn over, and over, and over..and also….over.  I make jokes at the kids for continuously not learning whatever repeated lesson is..and I am still having to remind myself or be reminded by some external event to simply “Be thankful.”

The reason I am questioning venting is because of a customer who came into Natural Grocer’s last week.  An older woman of about 50..maybe 60.  Short white-haircut, incredibly blue eyes, quick and sharp-witted, and with a very youthful yet experienced aura about her.

I don’t remember how but we got into the topic of venting during the short 3-5 minute process of checking out her order for the night.  She mentioned how venting has been discovered to be useless according to new research.  Turns out this woman is a Behavioral Psychologist so her words are a little more than just words.

I’ll paraphrase…AKA kinda make up her words for this purpose because I don’t remember her words verbatim, though I do remember the “jist” of what she was saying.

“Venting may get it out..but it’s still kinda are just getting it out, but the pattern of complaining is still within you.”

I ask her what is the alternative to merely venting it out.

“It’s how you think about the issue..not just getting out, but the way you process it thru your self-talk and your action.”

As I’m writing this out…this doesn’t exactly sound like life-changing advice..more like duh-advice that I’m constantly being reminded of, much like the gratitude lesson.

Heh.  Funny.  As I’m writing was very much a therapeutic process.  The playing now is Face My Fears by Utada Hikaru.  On a whim..not even really conscious of it I did a search for the brake pad prices for our van which makes crunchy noises when it brakes.  Not really too expensive..and I recently learned how to switch them out..just need the tools.

Skipping the over-thinking..AAArgh+LOL…..Once again!!  Another reminder..over-thinking!!!

So in this process I’ve re-learned somethings…

1.Gratitude is My Attitude!

2.Complaining don’t do damn thing, take action!

3.Over thinking leads to “woe is me.”     Eff that.


Cool.  I think I got it now.  Thank you writing and wordpress.

And thank you to whoever may have read this.  It was a vent, that turned into recollections, that turned into a re-wire of my brain.  Not that you could really see that..but..maybe you could??

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Thank you for reading.