Posts Tagged ‘flat earth’ it goes!  (Catchphrase or tagline in the works?  Who flippin’ knows..just needed some way to start writing after a few years of “non-writing” and that’s what came up!)

This morning started off like alot of them do..waking up at 6:45 and doing the usual stuff of preparing my physical self for action as mental and emotional selves eventually catch up sometime after morning coffee… was a bit different, as no day in exactly the same..BUUUT whatever.  Had a Spirutein shake to give myself ACTUAL nutrition in the morning as opposed to nothing which crazy enough has nothing nutrition in it.   *shrugs*

My partner Danica was getting the kids school lunch ready as Jade (the resident toddler) was crying at her mother not to make her lunch and that she doesn’t want to go to school..which ain’t true!  That girl loves school..just in a grumpy toddler morning mood.  I scramble about..a bit more gracefully today and in a better mood than previous mornings have fared to find her and brother Noah’s lunch boxes.

“Noah, do you know where your lunch box is?”

Noah, in a funny high-pitched voice that he employs for comedic effect.

“Noooo…i DoN’t KnOw WhErE eeet is.”

Not even bothering to give him the usual “Why don’t you know where it is?” routine that I go thru with him on some mornings..though to be fair, this is usually about shoes and/or socks.

Kids have a tough time with keeping their shoes and many other items necessary for daily life in the 3rd dimension.

“Noah, you need to start to keeping track of your own possessions.  Blah, blah, blah..generic parent conversation/concern #42-AB”

I find it rather quickly in comparison to other mornings..his backpack and lunchbox are in his room on the floor.  Which I have to say makes alot more sense than some other places I’ve found it.

Lunches dressed..breakfasts served.  Couldn’t ask for a smoother morning.

Danica and the kids pack up in the van for 20-25ish minute commute from Chino Valley to Prescott..and Myself and Tony(our roomate, friend, Taekwondo instructor, babysitter, and all-around awesome dude) pack up in the Geo.

We’re on the way..and actually left at a decent time..AAAAAND there is road construction on one of the ways into town..Mentally giving myself a palm-head slap I’m all “Why is there always something preventing us from getting the kids to school?”  If it isn’t road’s our dog Aang getting outside and running away from us or as mentioned before, not finding an item necessary for the kids’ all honestly we are on time more often than not..just being a bit dramatic..but hey..It’s Monday! #garfield

..excuse me..potty break.

Allright!  I’m back!  I apologize for the non-wait time you had to endure in my absence!

(It helps me to stay in the flow of writing if the screen I’m writing on is a completely silent person that I’m talking at to express the caffeine/spirulina fueled words flowing from my brain!  *thumbs up with a slightly chaotic smile*)

..anyway, Danica chooses to stay in the traffic, and Tony and I have other plans..we turn around a go the other way into town.

Which also has road construction..but just not as bad.

Our trip is mostly silent as neither of us seem to be great conversationalists in the morning, but it’s great because we both respect shared it’s not all awkward.  Everynow and then he’ll share some bits of He-Man lore with me and I’ll share some Dr.Who lore..or we’ll talk about martial arts, but generally in the morning it’s quiet.

We make it to the school 5 minutes late, and yet Danica somehow got there..on time and was at the moment checking Jade into daycare.  Tony and I walk into the school to help out with the Jade check-in as sometimes in can be a challenge saying good-bye to mommy.  The usual plan is that Danica and I walk in together and then she will just kind of float behind us..and drift back to the car so that there is not the Mommy-separation event.  Mothers with young children understand this effect.

But the thing is..Jade is quickly becoming a big girl.  We meet them in the day-care room and Jade was only being mildly clingy to her mommy.  Danica asks Jade to show her where the hand-washing sink is and we all use this moment to sneak-out..though Jade was privy to our plan and turns around to see us leave.  Tony gives her a silly smile and she smiles back, completely okay with our departure because she truly loves going to school and has great caretakers and some really cool toys to play with.

On the way out, we peek into the 2nd grade class to see Noah..who in a very comical manner, leans out in front of his desk..completely wide-open mouth smile and gives us this very big goofy wave.

And now..we all have a bit of free-time as both of us don’t work until later, so we head to our usual morning hang out..The Raven.  Prescotonians(it’s kind of a stupid title, but It’s grown on me) know this place well.  There is a whole story..or several really about the Raven, it’s people, and some of my meetings/adventures there so I’ll save it for another time.

As I’m pulling out of the school, a truck quickly shows up and “starts riding my ass” as the young kids say (I don’t know if youngs kids say that anymore).  My vehicle has a slow pick-up rate but I reach 40mph, which is 5 above the speed limit mind you! (I hope a cop isn’t reading this..I don’t want a ticket.)  In the rear-view mirror I see a girl who is maybe in her 20’s giving the usual display of road-rage hand signs..we can see each other’s eyes in the mirror she then points at the next lane.  I smile and shake my head no.  More anger is displayed, it was very amusing to me.  I continue my pace and soon she passes me, only for us both to be at stoplight..not even 2 seconds has passed.

It was my turn.  Since we’re both at the light and have some time..I display the most exaggerated temper-tantrum..hands waving, looking up and shouting “C’mon!”, banging my hands on the wheel, making a pouty-face and looking grumpily out the window with my arms folded.  I had alot of fun with this, meanwhile Tony is busting up laughing.  The girl in front of us looked embarrassed..I think she got the message.

After a few back-and-forth passes in the road with Danica, while all of us were making faces with each pass..we make it to Raven for our morning drinks.  Coffee for me and Tony..chamomile de-tox tea for Danica.  We sit at the table closest to the sun and chat about Tony’s upcoming challenge of teaching martial arts to kids in drug recovery, Danica surfs Facebook memories and shows me some pictures of Noah from when he was a baby..and apparently, he was always the happiest kid alive.

Our friend John comes in to do-some work..he does coding for a construction website and why not choose the Raven as the place to do this?  Tony departs for work..some guy with a cane walks by, throws a pamphlet on our table and says “You all look like you need to know about this.” …and quickly departs thru the front door.

The pamphlet reads “Did You Know…Earth is Flat?”  sponsored by the Official Flat Earth&Globe Discussion.

I’m not certain..but I’m pretty sure it’s from the guy who drives a black truck around town with painted words “Nasa is a hoax!” and other flat-earth messages and instigates discussion with locals about how the earth is flat.

And shortly after we receive our pamphlet..Danica and I depart the Raven to continue on thru the rest of our day.