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Howdy y’aAAaaaAAaaAAaaaaallllll!  (This morning’s catchphrase..I didn’t invent it, but I hope you can hear the country twang on the “y’all.”)

Today’s adventure..or rather, a continuation of yesterday’s adventure brings us to a man I met yesterday named Papa Smurf.

Yesterday, shortly after writing Magically Mundane Morning Musings I departed from the Prescott library with a bit of a “writer’s high” because it felt just so darn good to write a blog again.  My thoughts began surfing thru past experiences for further material and I realized that it is endless..I have an infinite amount of material within and around me as well as future experiences.

And one said future experience was right around the corner..because right around the corner (technically two corners of the road) was a man sitting on a bench looking across the street at the courthouse.  My “adventure sense” tingled when I walked by him..if I was in a video game, he would be highlighted with a white or yellow aura indicating that he is a character of interest or importance.

As I pass by him, I express the simple “Hello”, but I look him in his sunglass covered eyes..and he replies with “Think Positive Thoughts.”

I was taken a little aback by this response, and then thanked him.

He tells me that he tells everyone that who is going towards the courthouse for legal proceedings.  I tell him I have no business in the courthouse today, but his advice is still applicable to daily life.

Oh real quick…

Physical description of this character-Older man, roughly late 60’s, early 70’s..wearing sunglasses and a floppy red beanie hat, big scraggly white beard and wearing a blue shirt.

“My name is Dwayne, but people call me Papa Smurf..have we met before?”

“…*pondering for just a moment*…I think we may have met in passing, but it’s nice to meet you again.”

“People call Papa Smurf..because..well, I look like Papa Smurf.”

“You are also wearing a blue a Smurf’s skin.”

“….well..don’t press the point..”

We both share a hearty chuckle.

He then asks me if I have 50 cents.  I check my wallet..which I rarely carry cash in and all I find is two cents.  I offer it to him saying…”Well..I have two cents, so you’re now only 48 cents away from your goal.”

He looks at me curiously..not at my somewhat dorky response but for something else about this gesture.

“This is just like the story of Jesus and the two cents, do you know what I’m talking about?”  I have a vague recollection of the story so I’m looking it up right now.  Also..I had a hard time hearing him at this moment because he was talking quietly and I didn’t want to say “What?…What?…Say that again?” over and I just nodded at this point of our conversation.

If you are interested in the story he was referring to, I put link..riiiighhht…Nyah.


“You just gave me my two cents, thank you.”

I began to depart, but then he looks at me and says, “You look like you’d be a great electrical engineer.”

Something I’ve never considered, or even thought I could do because it’s waaaay out of my range of skills and competency.  I’ve never been much of a mathematician..I only passed high school because I took some computer courses that counted as math credits and I’m pretty sure my college geometry teacher passed me because he felt sorry for me.

Papa Smurf tells me that he worked as an electrical engineer for 35(or 45?) years of his life and tells me that it is a wonderful trade..he looks at me a bit more and says that I’d do great as a solar power or windmill technician.  He beckons me a few times to look into all of this.  I tell him I will..which is true.  After I write this, I’ll take a youtube crashcourse while I still have time at the library..(Jade is with me and currently watching Pinkalicious on

We part ways, just after a passing walker gives Papa Smurf a pack of cigarettes as a gift.

I head over to Bill’s Pizza where Danica works, just to tell her my excitement of writing my first blog in years and about the recent experience with Papa Smurf.  She remarks how another skilled tradesmen noticed something about me or in me.

Earlier this year I worked for a Pressure Grouting company..(something I will write about in the near future, as it was a very interesting experience during my year of job-hopping) and the bossman..a man who can walk into a room of engineers and make them all look foolish told me that I have the characteristics of a machinist.

I have very little experience in these what is it that these skilled tradesmen are seeing in me?  Untapped potential for building?  I dont know yet..

Thank you for reading..there will be more to come because life is a daily adventure filled with many secrets, challenges, quests, and curiosities right around the corner.



After weeks of waiting, the day finally arrived.  I just walked into my current garage home and laying in the middle of the floor was a small brown box.  I already knew what it was but it was strange seeing it laying there.  Something I had been obsessed with for years, something which had been a burden for my curiosity.  And here it was, packed in a box ready to be opened and discovered.

I tore threw the box, but not like a kid on christmas.Image

This was something I felt my life was leading up to at that point, so I wanted to treat it with a degree of respect.  Told you I was obsessed.

Inside the box was..this.


(Picture credits:

Having seen various pictures of it on the net, there was a strange surreal feeling that accompanied owning one.  Picking it up it felt alot lighter than I imagined and the time coils were made out of phone cords.  I felt a little disappointed.  I started to think maybe I was wasting my time.  But before I passed judgement, I had to to at least try it..heck, I hadn’t even fully unpacked the thing!

Next out of the box came the electromagnet.  I have no idea what an electromagnet is normally used for by the way.  The electromagnet is the brownish-yellow thing in the picture.  This part was actually kind of heavy and fun to use.  I remember one of the first things I did with it was putting it up next to can of nails and watching all the nails jump around.

And finally, the time travel instruction manual.  It was a couple of pages stapled together with all-caps font providing instructions on how to operate the Hyper Dimensional Resonator.  I didn’t even need it because of all the reading I had done on the HDR over the years.  If anything, the instructions actually made things complicated because they are poorly written and the all-caps font makes it hard to read.  Steven Gibbs, if you are reading this please clarify your instructions.

Without going into the specifics of how the machine is supposed to work, I’ll just that it doesn’t work how you think a time machine would.  I was shooting for astral time travel and do this with the help the Hyper Dimensional Resonator entailed talking to the machine, asking it what rates are needed to send my astral body to certain space-time region.  The thoughts are picked up through the time coils which are worn around your head, the rates are set by two knobs that you turn slowly as your other hand is scratching the rubbing plate of the HDR until your fingers stick to the box.  Once you get the stick reaction, you stop turning the knob and do the same for the other one.  As far as the switches go, I don’t really remember what they were used for.  The electromagnet amplifies the energies of your stomach chakra.  Basically, the machine works in conjunction with the energies of your own physical and astral body for the desired effect of time travel.  After the rates are set, machine programmed, you basically go lay down and relax..meditate, rest your eyes, etc, until the energies take effect.

To be honest, I maybe tried the whole thing maybe in total about 10 times.  Of those 10-ish time, I had one experience that was maybe induced by the HDR.  I remember after doing a session with the HDR, I went to lay down to relax and ended up falling asleep.  I had a slightly vivid dream where I was transported to an alternate version of Greenville, IL(where I lived at the time)in the year 2003.  The current year was 2008, just so you know.  Anyway, I was in a parallel universe where it was really hilly, like cartoon style hilly.  I’m standing there taking in the scene and then my home ec teacher from High School drives up and says, “I knew you’d figure it out, quick get in!”  I get in and she drives me to this skyscraper like building and tells me to climb it.  I get out and start climbing.  After about half-way up, I can see a bunch of black cars driving up and Men in Black getting out and pointing at me.  I feel the need to escape so I run back down the stairs and realizing this is a dream or astral realm I can do things that normally couldn’t, so I jump up and pull of the most amazing flying side kick ever and floor an MIB.  I continue dashing as fast as I can away from the tower and towards a rising sun coming up from one of those crazy hills.  As soon as I reach the sun, it blinds me and then I wake up.

At this point in my life, this was probably the craziest vivid dream I had that I actually remembered.  I don’t count this dream as proof for the HDR and here is why I think so.  At the time, I smoked marijuana on a daily basis so that could have skewed my perception a bit..or enhanced if you want to look at that way.  Also, the dream could have happened merely because I thought about time travel and the HDR so much that my brain gave me the experience I wanted.  Who knows?

After that particular incident, I didn’t really experiment with it that much.  I was kinda going through a depression, although at the time I didn’t realize it.  I ended up lending it to a friend, and he said he had some experiences with it but I have a hard time taking his account too seriously.  His brain was long gone and he was already known to have hallucinations from years of shrooms and lsd.  Soon, I moved out the garage and into a house with some other friends and the time machine became a topic piece.  It sat in a closet and I ended up selling to someone on the internet for half-price because I needed to pay my share of the rent at the time and didn’t have a job.  On a plus, non time travel related aspect of this story.  I ended up going to counseling and working through a lot of the depression.  I sometimes wonder had I not been depressed, if my results would end up differently?  Perhaps one day when I have some extra cash I’ll buy another HDR, or go the DIY route and build one.  That’d be a fun project.  Electricians on the net say it is really easy to build and the plans to build one can be found online(much like anything else these days)

What did I learn through all this?  I learned to jump down rabbit holes is what I learned.  From researching this I opened a new world of topics to myself.  Philadelphia Experiment, Montauk Project, Tesla, free energy, crystals, meditation, chi energy, some electronics, time travel theories, and a mountain more.  Is it a scam?  I still don’t know for sure because of some of the people I’ve talked to.  My theory on the whole situation is that the inventor is a little nuts, discovered something, something in which he doesn’t entirely understand himself and marketed it.  I don’t think he understand its because of the accounts I’ve heard from others don’t line up with his instructions.  Maybe it’s all bs, but I don’t care.  Be open to new ideas and don’t be afraid of what others think.  I spent a good deal of time worrying about what others think.  Do what feels right and don’t worry about other’s thoughts.  Go have an adventure….and then tell others about it!  That’s what I’m going to do!

If you have read all of this, thank you for reading!  I enjoyed sharing this part of my life, but let it be known this is not the end.  This topic was a springboard into the world of blogging for me.  Keep coming back for new adventures!  I plan to explore much more and share it with you.