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Howdy y’aAAaaaAAaaAAaaaaallllll!  (This morning’s catchphrase..I didn’t invent it, but I hope you can hear the country twang on the “y’all.”)

Today’s adventure..or rather, a continuation of yesterday’s adventure brings us to a man I met yesterday named Papa Smurf.

Yesterday, shortly after writing Magically Mundane Morning Musings I departed from the Prescott library with a bit of a “writer’s high” because it felt just so darn good to write a blog again.  My thoughts began surfing thru past experiences for further material and I realized that it is endless..I have an infinite amount of material within and around me as well as future experiences.

And one said future experience was right around the corner..because right around the corner (technically two corners of the road) was a man sitting on a bench looking across the street at the courthouse.  My “adventure sense” tingled when I walked by him..if I was in a video game, he would be highlighted with a white or yellow aura indicating that he is a character of interest or importance.

As I pass by him, I express the simple “Hello”, but I look him in his sunglass covered eyes..and he replies with “Think Positive Thoughts.”

I was taken a little aback by this response, and then thanked him.

He tells me that he tells everyone that who is going towards the courthouse for legal proceedings.  I tell him I have no business in the courthouse today, but his advice is still applicable to daily life.

Oh real quick…

Physical description of this character-Older man, roughly late 60’s, early 70’s..wearing sunglasses and a floppy red beanie hat, big scraggly white beard and wearing a blue shirt.

“My name is Dwayne, but people call me Papa Smurf..have we met before?”

“…*pondering for just a moment*…I think we may have met in passing, but it’s nice to meet you again.”

“People call Papa Smurf..because..well, I look like Papa Smurf.”

“You are also wearing a blue a Smurf’s skin.”

“….well..don’t press the point..”

We both share a hearty chuckle.

He then asks me if I have 50 cents.  I check my wallet..which I rarely carry cash in and all I find is two cents.  I offer it to him saying…”Well..I have two cents, so you’re now only 48 cents away from your goal.”

He looks at me curiously..not at my somewhat dorky response but for something else about this gesture.

“This is just like the story of Jesus and the two cents, do you know what I’m talking about?”  I have a vague recollection of the story so I’m looking it up right now.  Also..I had a hard time hearing him at this moment because he was talking quietly and I didn’t want to say “What?…What?…Say that again?” over and I just nodded at this point of our conversation.

If you are interested in the story he was referring to, I put link..riiiighhht…Nyah.


“You just gave me my two cents, thank you.”

I began to depart, but then he looks at me and says, “You look like you’d be a great electrical engineer.”

Something I’ve never considered, or even thought I could do because it’s waaaay out of my range of skills and competency.  I’ve never been much of a mathematician..I only passed high school because I took some computer courses that counted as math credits and I’m pretty sure my college geometry teacher passed me because he felt sorry for me.

Papa Smurf tells me that he worked as an electrical engineer for 35(or 45?) years of his life and tells me that it is a wonderful trade..he looks at me a bit more and says that I’d do great as a solar power or windmill technician.  He beckons me a few times to look into all of this.  I tell him I will..which is true.  After I write this, I’ll take a youtube crashcourse while I still have time at the library..(Jade is with me and currently watching Pinkalicious on

We part ways, just after a passing walker gives Papa Smurf a pack of cigarettes as a gift.

I head over to Bill’s Pizza where Danica works, just to tell her my excitement of writing my first blog in years and about the recent experience with Papa Smurf.  She remarks how another skilled tradesmen noticed something about me or in me.

Earlier this year I worked for a Pressure Grouting company..(something I will write about in the near future, as it was a very interesting experience during my year of job-hopping) and the bossman..a man who can walk into a room of engineers and make them all look foolish told me that I have the characteristics of a machinist.

I have very little experience in these what is it that these skilled tradesmen are seeing in me?  Untapped potential for building?  I dont know yet..

Thank you for reading..there will be more to come because life is a daily adventure filled with many secrets, challenges, quests, and curiosities right around the corner.