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  The following is a true life tale…no matter how strange, bizarre, or fantastical it may seem.

gohan costume

What is that?

That is me, in a costume I had made months prior to the following story.  The character is Gohan as The Great Saiyaman from Dragonball Z.  For years I had wanted to cosplay as this character..since High School when I was first introduced to this character.

Gohan, an alien-human hybrid with planet-shattering powers wanted to fit in at High School..yet still save the day when his abilities were called for.  Asking the family friend and also the world’s greatest scientist/engineer/mechanic about how he could do this, she devised a wrist-watch that materialized a costume around his body within a second so he could disguise himself, thus preserving his identity and High School social life.

The thing I like about this character is that he puts on this goofy persona while in costume.  Posing every few seconds, an exaggerated super-hero voice, and an introduction pose-dance he rehearsed when someone asks who he is.  A character I can really enjoy and play around with..I find myself humorous, so this character is another outlet..expression for making people laugh while still indulging in that super-hero character alot of us “child-at-heart men” still wish to be in some form or another.

December 2017…Prescott, AZ

One evening I was walking around down-town Prescott..Whiskey Row Road in particular.  I think it was a Friday or Saturday because it was starting to get a little busy..there was probably about an hour of sunlight left.  I reached the corner of Montezuma and Gurley Street and noticed a homeless couple sitting there..reaching out for help.  They were friendly and the woman of the duo had a pleasant smile.  I had actually seen this couple on the streets before.  People were walking by taking no notice whatsoever.  It’s one thing not to want to give cash assistance..sometimes it’s not even possible.  These people were being shut-off from the world..human connection because they didn’t have a home..didn’t have green paper in their pockets..

I walked away from this with a terrible pain in my stomach and the callousness of my fellow humans.  I just wanted to scream right there..JUST SAY HI TO THEM!!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU ALL!!  I couldn’t let this great wrong go unchallenged.  This time called for more than just sitting or getting the couple a buck or two.  I was going to make a scene.

The Great Saiyaman Appears!!

I quickly rushed home..found my “Halloween costume”..put it on, and then put on some street clothes over it that could be easily switched out of.  Next, I ran over to Shannon’s Gourmet cheesecake restaurant and purchased some bowls of soup and bread..a hearty meal.  Quickly, oh so quickly..practically power-walking back to the corner of Gurley and Montezuma..”Good, there are still there.”

Time for a change in appearance..across the street is the courthouse, and there are some bathroom stalls which will make an excellent spot for the transformation.  Still power-walking, I head into the bathroom and quickly duck into a stall..and luckily the bigger stall with the baby-diaper changing station was available..Much more roomy.

Super hero transformation music is playing in my head..muting the nervousness about what I was doing.  Pushing open the door..The Great Saiyaman Appears!!!  A guy urinating at the stall gives me a double-take and a startled expression.  He looks concerned and amused.

Walking out of the bathroom of the courthouse and unto the Whiskey Row street once again.  I can literally feel the attention I’m getting..everyone is looking.  A moment of stage-fright creeps up..but I’m not Tommy Lupkey right now.  I am The Great Saiyaman..and it turns into a confidence about what I’m doing.

Adopting a hero-swagger and walking thru a sea of people..all temporarily free from whatever mental spell they are under from my bizarre appearance.  The mood..temperament of the crowd is lightened..some are laughing..some are staring..lots of smiles.

One woman looks at me and says very condescendingly, “That’s a nice tunic you got there.”  It was a this going to make me feel small?  Or will I rise above and continue to shine in this moment?  The latter.  I turn around very swiftly and into a pose.

“This isn’t a tunic!!  It’s my uniform!!”  *hearty laugh*

Not having it today.  She gives me a “the hell?” kinda look..and then actually flashes a smile.

Darkness transmuted..who’s next?

Approaching the homeless couple..who are currently arguing, backs turned in my direction.  I hear the woman say “…well, I don’t know who Stacy is!!”

Inserting myself into their conversation…

“Well!  I don’t know who Stacy is either, but here’s some food!”

They both are shooken out of their argument..the surprise on their faces says it all.

“Oh my gosh!!!”

They both laugh and thank me several times.

Everyone around us is looking in our direction..

Can’t ignore them now.

Staying in character, I bid them a farewell..and hoping my scene will stir the hearts of those too “busy” around me I depart.

Walking unto the cape blows in the wind..the timing was perfect.  A younger couple crossing the street with me remark how that is the coolest thing they have ever seen.  Still in my corny hero voice I tell them to pass it forward.

I feel excitement for life that I hadn’t felt in a long time.  Back in High School I would do goofy things like this..making scenes, instigating non-sense..the fun and excitement of those times just came back, but in a purposeful manner this time.

Still buzzing..and now more comfortable in my uniform out in the open I decide to walk home like this.  As I get closer home, I notice a guy across the street in Dragonball shirt playing saxophone.  He looks at me and starts waving emphatically, “Hey!  Saiyaman!”

He knows my character!!  Aahh hahahah!

I meet up with him and I briefly explain what I just did..and says he has never heard of anything like that ever happening in Prescott.  He suggests we do a “team-up”.  He has a Goku costume and the idea was to go around feeding homeless people in our suits.

It’s an idea that has been spreading around for the last few years.

Spiderman does it.

This 4 year old puts on a cape and does it.

Me and “Goku guy” as his card says exchange facebook info.

We vow to meet up and join forces in the near future.

I go home, but my regular clothes back on and then attend a board-game club at The Peregrine as if nothing just happened, while still buzzing of the energetic emotional high of what I just did.


Since this happened..I only told maybe about 4..maybe 5 people about this..  I didn’t want to brag about feeding homeless people.  Because it’s not something to brag about.  It’s the kind of action that you do if you feel it’s something to do..just to help..anything other than that is feeding the ego.

I felt it was now appropriate to share, because I know myself and my intentions.  I hope this story inspires to take action the shine your whatever way comes natural to you.  To be brave.  To be the hero that are.  We all are.  The world needs us.  It needs you.

Thank you for reading.

(PS.  Goku guy and I never teamed up..we became friends on Facebook.  I wouldn’t say that we won’t ever do what we intended..just that it isn’t happened yet.  Something I find curious, is that when I looked at his friend’s list, one of his friends is Wavy Gravy, the musician from the 60’s and friend of Ram Dass.  Something magnificent is unfolding…)


Checked my Facebook statuses for old adventures to post for today, as I’ve begun a bigger story..but still wanted to put something up for the few people that have been keeping up with my writings.  This entry is from February 15, 2017.

An interesting event that happened-Yesterday, I decided to walk to work…nothing that when I work a closing shift sometimes. Went down to Montezuma street, where one of the entrances to the Granite Creek Trail is…ya know, get some nature before starting work. Walked down the dirt path and got to the 2nd bridge after passing by a familiar stranger…and we finally introduced ourselves to each maybe he’ll be less strange now. Looking down at the creek from the bridge, I noticed backpack floating down the stream. …..I had to get that backpack…playing Zelda and Final Fantasy trained me to understand the importance of “the sidequest” lol. The backpack was lodged on a rock…but impossible to grab from the land…no stick in sight…”Maybe I’ll just reach over annnnnd….*backpack is now speeding down the stream*…D’oh!” Started running alongside the stream keeping pace with the backpack…it got lodged again, but it wouldn’t stay there for long. Eff it…I got my hiking shoes on..started some rock-leaping…got in the middle of the stream, perched on a slightly wobbly rock..just inches from the backpack..annnd…Got it! Tossed over onto the land so I wouldn’t have try to balance and hold something at the same time..Examining the backpack(not the ain’t mine). I noticed the shoulder straps were adorned with Chinese symbols..and on the back was a pin with the picture I included in this post. Having a reference point in watching anime, I could look up the symbol on the pin having recognized it as being one of the kanji Goku wore on his uniform in Dragonball Z. This particular kanji is pronounced “Go” and translated means “wisdom” or “enlightenment.” ….very cool stuff. Currently I’m looking for it’s owner and I think it may belong to the familiar stranger that I talked to…just moments before the backpack chase. “Return backpack to the wiseman quest” Begin!goku symbol

Update as of October 2, 2019:  I never did find the owner..I looked for several weeks and then the backpack just became a part of my belongings in my closet.  For awhile, I considered opening it to see what was inside..but a noble voice inside me said that would be disrespectful.  After a bit longer…I ignored that voice and opened the backpack only to find….absolutely nothing.  Also, the backpack had a very strong aroma of cologne..or body spray.  I’ve moved twice since acquiring the backpack..and I’m not entirely certain where it is now..or if I even still have it.  Sooooo…there you have it…a very  lackluster conclusion to a happening a few years ago.

Interesting side-thing…while looking thru old Facebook posts..found this from the previous year…January 1st, 2016

“Was given a large empty travelling backpack in a dream last night. ???”

Perhaps it’s simply a coincidence, or perhaps it’s not.  Logically it’s easy to dismiss the dream of receiving the empty backpack..and an event in the physical reality as unrelated.  But I’m not an entirely logical person.  I believe that everything has a meaning..even if sometimes I create the meaning myself.

Reflecting and reviewing these events again lead to me to question that maybe the events I choose to tie together have not reached a conclusion.

Perhaps in the not-so-distant future..or very distant future, or perhaps in the past a recollection is awaiting to reveal itself to insight and clarity into who I am.  An introspective treasure waiting..

Who knows?

Life will continue to unfold in magnificent, beautiful, and unforeseen ways…    (more…)