Wrasslin’ School Part 1

Posted: February 17, 2017 in Uncategorized


The year is 2007….

The setting is a small rural town in Illnois named Greenville.


It was a time&place where strange interests and developments occurred…

My professional wrestling phase.

…but I was like 21..and never had much interest in that particular form of entertainment.  Alotta friends and other humans were all about that back in the childhood years..some starting out their interest in elementary school through junior high school…though I know a few who will be lifelong fans.  But I was never too into it myself…

At a young age, I appreciated the characters and performance aspect…even though most of it was unappealing.


Characters though…

The Undertaker.  Always found him to be very interesting.  …whichever phase of him you prefer.

His presence and theatrics made him entertaining and fascinating.  And I know there’s some cool backstory…but…never got too much into this..so I didn’t research any of this outside of what I heard from friends growing up.


Kane.  Undertaker’s brother..or half brother.  I dunno..they’re both from hell or something.  He was a masked wrestler…and he looked effin’ cool to be completely honest.  He had that same kind of stage aura as the Undertaker.  …but even more mysterious.  …until that time he got unmasked and they made him talk more…then he got his mask back and I guess he’s cool again.


Rey Mysterio Jr. Yep…masked Luchadore.  Now this dude…I actually appreciated his wrestling performance.  It’s actually entertaining.  It’s the closet thing to what it would be like if Spiderman was fighting someone in the real life.  Acrobatic..flippin’ around and what not…and once again, he had a mask.  Makes him dope in my book.


Jeff Hardy.  A (real life) disturbed but brilliant artist.  This man is a realized creative genius who somehow ended up a professional wrestler.  Actually read some of him and his brother Matt’s autobiography….these two approached the stage-combat aspect of wrasslin’ as a science and an art.  …fascinating..though I list Jeff here…he stood out to me more..more memorable in my mind..with the crazy colored hair, the extremely dangerous looking stunts, he is an artist…and I appreciate that.  I say disturbed because there had been several times in his career where he got caught with drugs…not sure what..but seemed like he was struggling to get his shit together or something.  So yeah…I appreciate his work..but don’t get me wrong..I’m aware he ain’t a perfect person..just feel the guy..didn’t realize that until I typed this out..cools.


…so yeah…I always remembered these four characters growing up…and when I got into my real wrestling phase at 21, I would find that these characters were still there…doing their thing…playing a part in the spark that started a very odd journey in my life.

Part 2 coming sometime in the near future..

I dunno when..I’ll post on Facebook…because that’s where people are these days.



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