Allright…came here to write with an idea..but it now, with a my awesome music mix I made on Youtube puttin’ duh tunes in my head..let’s see what happens.

The current track playing is Catgroove by Parov Stelar..very upbeat and happy.

Used to listen to this track ALOT..actually quite obsessively.  Attached to it are some good memories of fire-spinning.  It’s a track that gets me going or a song I like to hear when I am going.

….drifting off to the next song….

Endless Fantasy by Anamanaguchi.

I surf all over the place with this one..nostalgia of playing video games as a child..a part around 4:14 that gives me chills everytime.  I imagine it as a burst of my true potential coming out and shining..

I really miss being a kid sometimes..the simplicity of life and how the smallest of things were so exciting.  In so many ways I’m that same kid..but clouded by all this adult non-sense.  Everything is so worrisome all the damn time.  It can and should be fun.  Life I’m speaking of.

“Oh no!!!  The van needs new brake pads”

“Uggh..why is everything so complicated?”

“Why does nearly EVERYTHING cost so much money??”

“Why must I work so much, only to receive so little in return?”

…and blah, and blah, and blah, AND blah.

I should be paid to do fun things..or at the very least be paid a lot more for the things I do already.

Complaining doesn’t help..heck, even venting doesn’t help.  Being thankful is where it is at.  Something I must learn over, and over, and over..and also….over.  I make jokes at the kids for continuously not learning whatever repeated lesson is..and I am still having to remind myself or be reminded by some external event to simply “Be thankful.”

The reason I am questioning venting is because of a customer who came into Natural Grocer’s last week.  An older woman of about 50..maybe 60.  Short white-haircut, incredibly blue eyes, quick and sharp-witted, and with a very youthful yet experienced aura about her.

I don’t remember how but we got into the topic of venting during the short 3-5 minute process of checking out her order for the night.  She mentioned how venting has been discovered to be useless according to new research.  Turns out this woman is a Behavioral Psychologist so her words are a little more than just words.

I’ll paraphrase…AKA kinda make up her words for this purpose because I don’t remember her words verbatim, though I do remember the “jist” of what she was saying.

“Venting may get it out..but it’s still kinda are just getting it out, but the pattern of complaining is still within you.”

I ask her what is the alternative to merely venting it out.

“It’s how you think about the issue..not just getting out, but the way you process it thru your self-talk and your action.”

As I’m writing this out…this doesn’t exactly sound like life-changing advice..more like duh-advice that I’m constantly being reminded of, much like the gratitude lesson.

Heh.  Funny.  As I’m writing was very much a therapeutic process.  The playing now is Face My Fears by Utada Hikaru.  On a whim..not even really conscious of it I did a search for the brake pad prices for our van which makes crunchy noises when it brakes.  Not really too expensive..and I recently learned how to switch them out..just need the tools.

Skipping the over-thinking..AAArgh+LOL…..Once again!!  Another reminder..over-thinking!!!

So in this process I’ve re-learned somethings…

1.Gratitude is My Attitude!

2.Complaining don’t do damn thing, take action!

3.Over thinking leads to “woe is me.”     Eff that.


Cool.  I think I got it now.  Thank you writing and wordpress.

And thank you to whoever may have read this.  It was a vent, that turned into recollections, that turned into a re-wire of my brain.  Not that you could really see that..but..maybe you could??

To see more of the kind of stuff I write about, check out my recently published The Great Saiyaman Appears!!-A journey of taking action in a peculiar way.

Or my first post-Experiences with the Hyper Dimensional Resonator-A log of my experiences with a time machine purchased from the internet.

Thank you for reading.


  The following is a true life tale…no matter how strange, bizarre, or fantastical it may seem.

gohan costume

What is that?

That is me, in a costume I had made months prior to the following story.  The character is Gohan as The Great Saiyaman from Dragonball Z.  For years I had wanted to cosplay as this character..since High School when I was first introduced to this character.

Gohan, an alien-human hybrid with planet-shattering powers wanted to fit in at High School..yet still save the day when his abilities were called for.  Asking the family friend and also the world’s greatest scientist/engineer/mechanic about how he could do this, she devised a wrist-watch that materialized a costume around his body within a second so he could disguise himself, thus preserving his identity and High School social life.

The thing I like about this character is that he puts on this goofy persona while in costume.  Posing every few seconds, an exaggerated super-hero voice, and an introduction pose-dance he rehearsed when someone asks who he is.  A character I can really enjoy and play around with..I find myself humorous, so this character is another outlet..expression for making people laugh while still indulging in that super-hero character alot of us “child-at-heart men” still wish to be in some form or another.

December 2017…Prescott, AZ

One evening I was walking around down-town Prescott..Whiskey Row Road in particular.  I think it was a Friday or Saturday because it was starting to get a little busy..there was probably about an hour of sunlight left.  I reached the corner of Montezuma and Gurley Street and noticed a homeless couple sitting there..reaching out for help.  They were friendly and the woman of the duo had a pleasant smile.  I had actually seen this couple on the streets before.  People were walking by taking no notice whatsoever.  It’s one thing not to want to give cash assistance..sometimes it’s not even possible.  These people were being shut-off from the world..human connection because they didn’t have a home..didn’t have green paper in their pockets..

I walked away from this with a terrible pain in my stomach and the callousness of my fellow humans.  I just wanted to scream right there..JUST SAY HI TO THEM!!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU ALL!!  I couldn’t let this great wrong go unchallenged.  This time called for more than just sitting or getting the couple a buck or two.  I was going to make a scene.

The Great Saiyaman Appears!!

I quickly rushed home..found my “Halloween costume”..put it on, and then put on some street clothes over it that could be easily switched out of.  Next, I ran over to Shannon’s Gourmet cheesecake restaurant and purchased some bowls of soup and bread..a hearty meal.  Quickly, oh so quickly..practically power-walking back to the corner of Gurley and Montezuma..”Good, there are still there.”

Time for a change in appearance..across the street is the courthouse, and there are some bathroom stalls which will make an excellent spot for the transformation.  Still power-walking, I head into the bathroom and quickly duck into a stall..and luckily the bigger stall with the baby-diaper changing station was available..Much more roomy.

Super hero transformation music is playing in my head..muting the nervousness about what I was doing.  Pushing open the door..The Great Saiyaman Appears!!!  A guy urinating at the stall gives me a double-take and a startled expression.  He looks concerned and amused.

Walking out of the bathroom of the courthouse and unto the Whiskey Row street once again.  I can literally feel the attention I’m getting..everyone is looking.  A moment of stage-fright creeps up..but I’m not Tommy Lupkey right now.  I am The Great Saiyaman..and it turns into a confidence about what I’m doing.

Adopting a hero-swagger and walking thru a sea of people..all temporarily free from whatever mental spell they are under from my bizarre appearance.  The mood..temperament of the crowd is lightened..some are laughing..some are staring..lots of smiles.

One woman looks at me and says very condescendingly, “That’s a nice tunic you got there.”  It was a this going to make me feel small?  Or will I rise above and continue to shine in this moment?  The latter.  I turn around very swiftly and into a pose.

“This isn’t a tunic!!  It’s my uniform!!”  *hearty laugh*

Not having it today.  She gives me a “the hell?” kinda look..and then actually flashes a smile.

Darkness transmuted..who’s next?

Approaching the homeless couple..who are currently arguing, backs turned in my direction.  I hear the woman say “…well, I don’t know who Stacy is!!”

Inserting myself into their conversation…

“Well!  I don’t know who Stacy is either, but here’s some food!”

They both are shooken out of their argument..the surprise on their faces says it all.

“Oh my gosh!!!”

They both laugh and thank me several times.

Everyone around us is looking in our direction..

Can’t ignore them now.

Staying in character, I bid them a farewell..and hoping my scene will stir the hearts of those too “busy” around me I depart.

Walking unto the cape blows in the wind..the timing was perfect.  A younger couple crossing the street with me remark how that is the coolest thing they have ever seen.  Still in my corny hero voice I tell them to pass it forward.

I feel excitement for life that I hadn’t felt in a long time.  Back in High School I would do goofy things like this..making scenes, instigating non-sense..the fun and excitement of those times just came back, but in a purposeful manner this time.

Still buzzing..and now more comfortable in my uniform out in the open I decide to walk home like this.  As I get closer home, I notice a guy across the street in Dragonball shirt playing saxophone.  He looks at me and starts waving emphatically, “Hey!  Saiyaman!”

He knows my character!!  Aahh hahahah!

I meet up with him and I briefly explain what I just did..and says he has never heard of anything like that ever happening in Prescott.  He suggests we do a “team-up”.  He has a Goku costume and the idea was to go around feeding homeless people in our suits.

It’s an idea that has been spreading around for the last few years.

Spiderman does it.

This 4 year old puts on a cape and does it.

Me and “Goku guy” as his card says exchange facebook info.

We vow to meet up and join forces in the near future.

I go home, but my regular clothes back on and then attend a board-game club at The Peregrine as if nothing just happened, while still buzzing of the energetic emotional high of what I just did.


Since this happened..I only told maybe about 4..maybe 5 people about this..  I didn’t want to brag about feeding homeless people.  Because it’s not something to brag about.  It’s the kind of action that you do if you feel it’s something to do..just to help..anything other than that is feeding the ego.

I felt it was now appropriate to share, because I know myself and my intentions.  I hope this story inspires to take action the shine your whatever way comes natural to you.  To be brave.  To be the hero that are.  We all are.  The world needs us.  It needs you.

Thank you for reading.

(PS.  Goku guy and I never teamed up..we became friends on Facebook.  I wouldn’t say that we won’t ever do what we intended..just that it isn’t happened yet.  Something I find curious, is that when I looked at his friend’s list, one of his friends is Wavy Gravy, the musician from the 60’s and friend of Ram Dass.  Something magnificent is unfolding…)


Checked my Facebook statuses for old adventures to post for today, as I’ve begun a bigger story..but still wanted to put something up for the few people that have been keeping up with my writings.  This entry is from February 15, 2017.

An interesting event that happened-Yesterday, I decided to walk to work…nothing that when I work a closing shift sometimes. Went down to Montezuma street, where one of the entrances to the Granite Creek Trail is…ya know, get some nature before starting work. Walked down the dirt path and got to the 2nd bridge after passing by a familiar stranger…and we finally introduced ourselves to each maybe he’ll be less strange now. Looking down at the creek from the bridge, I noticed backpack floating down the stream. …..I had to get that backpack…playing Zelda and Final Fantasy trained me to understand the importance of “the sidequest” lol. The backpack was lodged on a rock…but impossible to grab from the land…no stick in sight…”Maybe I’ll just reach over annnnnd….*backpack is now speeding down the stream*…D’oh!” Started running alongside the stream keeping pace with the backpack…it got lodged again, but it wouldn’t stay there for long. Eff it…I got my hiking shoes on..started some rock-leaping…got in the middle of the stream, perched on a slightly wobbly rock..just inches from the backpack..annnd…Got it! Tossed over onto the land so I wouldn’t have try to balance and hold something at the same time..Examining the backpack(not the ain’t mine). I noticed the shoulder straps were adorned with Chinese symbols..and on the back was a pin with the picture I included in this post. Having a reference point in watching anime, I could look up the symbol on the pin having recognized it as being one of the kanji Goku wore on his uniform in Dragonball Z. This particular kanji is pronounced “Go” and translated means “wisdom” or “enlightenment.” ….very cool stuff. Currently I’m looking for it’s owner and I think it may belong to the familiar stranger that I talked to…just moments before the backpack chase. “Return backpack to the wiseman quest” Begin!goku symbol

Update as of October 2, 2019:  I never did find the owner..I looked for several weeks and then the backpack just became a part of my belongings in my closet.  For awhile, I considered opening it to see what was inside..but a noble voice inside me said that would be disrespectful.  After a bit longer…I ignored that voice and opened the backpack only to find….absolutely nothing.  Also, the backpack had a very strong aroma of cologne..or body spray.  I’ve moved twice since acquiring the backpack..and I’m not entirely certain where it is now..or if I even still have it.  Sooooo…there you have it…a very  lackluster conclusion to a happening a few years ago.

Interesting side-thing…while looking thru old Facebook posts..found this from the previous year…January 1st, 2016

“Was given a large empty travelling backpack in a dream last night. ???”

Perhaps it’s simply a coincidence, or perhaps it’s not.  Logically it’s easy to dismiss the dream of receiving the empty backpack..and an event in the physical reality as unrelated.  But I’m not an entirely logical person.  I believe that everything has a meaning..even if sometimes I create the meaning myself.

Reflecting and reviewing these events again lead to me to question that maybe the events I choose to tie together have not reached a conclusion.

Perhaps in the not-so-distant future..or very distant future, or perhaps in the past a recollection is awaiting to reveal itself to insight and clarity into who I am.  An introspective treasure waiting..

Who knows?

Life will continue to unfold in magnificent, beautiful, and unforeseen ways…    Read the rest of this entry »

Howdy y’aAAaaaAAaaAAaaaaallllll!  (This morning’s catchphrase..I didn’t invent it, but I hope you can hear the country twang on the “y’all.”)

Today’s adventure..or rather, a continuation of yesterday’s adventure brings us to a man I met yesterday named Papa Smurf.

Yesterday, shortly after writing Magically Mundane Morning Musings I departed from the Prescott library with a bit of a “writer’s high” because it felt just so darn good to write a blog again.  My thoughts began surfing thru past experiences for further material and I realized that it is endless..I have an infinite amount of material within and around me as well as future experiences.

And one said future experience was right around the corner..because right around the corner (technically two corners of the road) was a man sitting on a bench looking across the street at the courthouse.  My “adventure sense” tingled when I walked by him..if I was in a video game, he would be highlighted with a white or yellow aura indicating that he is a character of interest or importance.

As I pass by him, I express the simple “Hello”, but I look him in his sunglass covered eyes..and he replies with “Think Positive Thoughts.”

I was taken a little aback by this response, and then thanked him.

He tells me that he tells everyone that who is going towards the courthouse for legal proceedings.  I tell him I have no business in the courthouse today, but his advice is still applicable to daily life.

Oh real quick…

Physical description of this character-Older man, roughly late 60’s, early 70’s..wearing sunglasses and a floppy red beanie hat, big scraggly white beard and wearing a blue shirt.

“My name is Dwayne, but people call me Papa Smurf..have we met before?”

“…*pondering for just a moment*…I think we may have met in passing, but it’s nice to meet you again.”

“People call Papa Smurf..because..well, I look like Papa Smurf.”

“You are also wearing a blue a Smurf’s skin.”

“….well..don’t press the point..”

We both share a hearty chuckle.

He then asks me if I have 50 cents.  I check my wallet..which I rarely carry cash in and all I find is two cents.  I offer it to him saying…”Well..I have two cents, so you’re now only 48 cents away from your goal.”

He looks at me curiously..not at my somewhat dorky response but for something else about this gesture.

“This is just like the story of Jesus and the two cents, do you know what I’m talking about?”  I have a vague recollection of the story so I’m looking it up right now.  Also..I had a hard time hearing him at this moment because he was talking quietly and I didn’t want to say “What?…What?…Say that again?” over and I just nodded at this point of our conversation.

If you are interested in the story he was referring to, I put link..riiiighhht…Nyah.


“You just gave me my two cents, thank you.”

I began to depart, but then he looks at me and says, “You look like you’d be a great electrical engineer.”

Something I’ve never considered, or even thought I could do because it’s waaaay out of my range of skills and competency.  I’ve never been much of a mathematician..I only passed high school because I took some computer courses that counted as math credits and I’m pretty sure my college geometry teacher passed me because he felt sorry for me.

Papa Smurf tells me that he worked as an electrical engineer for 35(or 45?) years of his life and tells me that it is a wonderful trade..he looks at me a bit more and says that I’d do great as a solar power or windmill technician.  He beckons me a few times to look into all of this.  I tell him I will..which is true.  After I write this, I’ll take a youtube crashcourse while I still have time at the library..(Jade is with me and currently watching Pinkalicious on

We part ways, just after a passing walker gives Papa Smurf a pack of cigarettes as a gift.

I head over to Bill’s Pizza where Danica works, just to tell her my excitement of writing my first blog in years and about the recent experience with Papa Smurf.  She remarks how another skilled tradesmen noticed something about me or in me.

Earlier this year I worked for a Pressure Grouting company..(something I will write about in the near future, as it was a very interesting experience during my year of job-hopping) and the bossman..a man who can walk into a room of engineers and make them all look foolish told me that I have the characteristics of a machinist.

I have very little experience in these what is it that these skilled tradesmen are seeing in me?  Untapped potential for building?  I dont know yet..

Thank you for reading..there will be more to come because life is a daily adventure filled with many secrets, challenges, quests, and curiosities right around the corner.



Quote  —  Posted: October 1, 2019 in Uncategorized
Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , it goes!  (Catchphrase or tagline in the works?  Who flippin’ knows..just needed some way to start writing after a few years of “non-writing” and that’s what came up!)

This morning started off like alot of them do..waking up at 6:45 and doing the usual stuff of preparing my physical self for action as mental and emotional selves eventually catch up sometime after morning coffee… was a bit different, as no day in exactly the same..BUUUT whatever.  Had a Spirutein shake to give myself ACTUAL nutrition in the morning as opposed to nothing which crazy enough has nothing nutrition in it.   *shrugs*

My partner Danica was getting the kids school lunch ready as Jade (the resident toddler) was crying at her mother not to make her lunch and that she doesn’t want to go to school..which ain’t true!  That girl loves school..just in a grumpy toddler morning mood.  I scramble about..a bit more gracefully today and in a better mood than previous mornings have fared to find her and brother Noah’s lunch boxes.

“Noah, do you know where your lunch box is?”

Noah, in a funny high-pitched voice that he employs for comedic effect.

“Noooo…i DoN’t KnOw WhErE eeet is.”

Not even bothering to give him the usual “Why don’t you know where it is?” routine that I go thru with him on some mornings..though to be fair, this is usually about shoes and/or socks.

Kids have a tough time with keeping their shoes and many other items necessary for daily life in the 3rd dimension.

“Noah, you need to start to keeping track of your own possessions.  Blah, blah, blah..generic parent conversation/concern #42-AB”

I find it rather quickly in comparison to other mornings..his backpack and lunchbox are in his room on the floor.  Which I have to say makes alot more sense than some other places I’ve found it.

Lunches dressed..breakfasts served.  Couldn’t ask for a smoother morning.

Danica and the kids pack up in the van for 20-25ish minute commute from Chino Valley to Prescott..and Myself and Tony(our roomate, friend, Taekwondo instructor, babysitter, and all-around awesome dude) pack up in the Geo.

We’re on the way..and actually left at a decent time..AAAAAND there is road construction on one of the ways into town..Mentally giving myself a palm-head slap I’m all “Why is there always something preventing us from getting the kids to school?”  If it isn’t road’s our dog Aang getting outside and running away from us or as mentioned before, not finding an item necessary for the kids’ all honestly we are on time more often than not..just being a bit dramatic..but hey..It’s Monday! #garfield

..excuse me..potty break.

Allright!  I’m back!  I apologize for the non-wait time you had to endure in my absence!

(It helps me to stay in the flow of writing if the screen I’m writing on is a completely silent person that I’m talking at to express the caffeine/spirulina fueled words flowing from my brain!  *thumbs up with a slightly chaotic smile*)

..anyway, Danica chooses to stay in the traffic, and Tony and I have other plans..we turn around a go the other way into town.

Which also has road construction..but just not as bad.

Our trip is mostly silent as neither of us seem to be great conversationalists in the morning, but it’s great because we both respect shared it’s not all awkward.  Everynow and then he’ll share some bits of He-Man lore with me and I’ll share some Dr.Who lore..or we’ll talk about martial arts, but generally in the morning it’s quiet.

We make it to the school 5 minutes late, and yet Danica somehow got there..on time and was at the moment checking Jade into daycare.  Tony and I walk into the school to help out with the Jade check-in as sometimes in can be a challenge saying good-bye to mommy.  The usual plan is that Danica and I walk in together and then she will just kind of float behind us..and drift back to the car so that there is not the Mommy-separation event.  Mothers with young children understand this effect.

But the thing is..Jade is quickly becoming a big girl.  We meet them in the day-care room and Jade was only being mildly clingy to her mommy.  Danica asks Jade to show her where the hand-washing sink is and we all use this moment to sneak-out..though Jade was privy to our plan and turns around to see us leave.  Tony gives her a silly smile and she smiles back, completely okay with our departure because she truly loves going to school and has great caretakers and some really cool toys to play with.

On the way out, we peek into the 2nd grade class to see Noah..who in a very comical manner, leans out in front of his desk..completely wide-open mouth smile and gives us this very big goofy wave.

And now..we all have a bit of free-time as both of us don’t work until later, so we head to our usual morning hang out..The Raven.  Prescotonians(it’s kind of a stupid title, but It’s grown on me) know this place well.  There is a whole story..or several really about the Raven, it’s people, and some of my meetings/adventures there so I’ll save it for another time.

As I’m pulling out of the school, a truck quickly shows up and “starts riding my ass” as the young kids say (I don’t know if youngs kids say that anymore).  My vehicle has a slow pick-up rate but I reach 40mph, which is 5 above the speed limit mind you! (I hope a cop isn’t reading this..I don’t want a ticket.)  In the rear-view mirror I see a girl who is maybe in her 20’s giving the usual display of road-rage hand signs..we can see each other’s eyes in the mirror she then points at the next lane.  I smile and shake my head no.  More anger is displayed, it was very amusing to me.  I continue my pace and soon she passes me, only for us both to be at stoplight..not even 2 seconds has passed.

It was my turn.  Since we’re both at the light and have some time..I display the most exaggerated temper-tantrum..hands waving, looking up and shouting “C’mon!”, banging my hands on the wheel, making a pouty-face and looking grumpily out the window with my arms folded.  I had alot of fun with this, meanwhile Tony is busting up laughing.  The girl in front of us looked embarrassed..I think she got the message.

After a few back-and-forth passes in the road with Danica, while all of us were making faces with each pass..we make it to Raven for our morning drinks.  Coffee for me and Tony..chamomile de-tox tea for Danica.  We sit at the table closest to the sun and chat about Tony’s upcoming challenge of teaching martial arts to kids in drug recovery, Danica surfs Facebook memories and shows me some pictures of Noah from when he was a baby..and apparently, he was always the happiest kid alive.

Our friend John comes in to do-some work..he does coding for a construction website and why not choose the Raven as the place to do this?  Tony departs for work..some guy with a cane walks by, throws a pamphlet on our table and says “You all look like you need to know about this.” …and quickly departs thru the front door.

The pamphlet reads “Did You Know…Earth is Flat?”  sponsored by the Official Flat Earth&Globe Discussion.

I’m not certain..but I’m pretty sure it’s from the guy who drives a black truck around town with painted words “Nasa is a hoax!” and other flat-earth messages and instigates discussion with locals about how the earth is flat.

And shortly after we receive our pamphlet..Danica and I depart the Raven to continue on thru the rest of our day.




After weeks of waiting, the day finally arrived.  I just walked into my current garage home and laying in the middle of the floor was a small brown box.  I already knew what it was but it was strange seeing it laying there.  Something I had been obsessed with for years, something which had been a burden for my curiosity.  And here it was, packed in a box ready to be opened and discovered.

I tore threw the box, but not like a kid on christmas.Image

This was something I felt my life was leading up to at that point, so I wanted to treat it with a degree of respect.  Told you I was obsessed.

Inside the box was..this.


(Picture credits:

Having seen various pictures of it on the net, there was a strange surreal feeling that accompanied owning one.  Picking it up it felt alot lighter than I imagined and the time coils were made out of phone cords.  I felt a little disappointed.  I started to think maybe I was wasting my time.  But before I passed judgement, I had to to at least try it..heck, I hadn’t even fully unpacked the thing!

Next out of the box came the electromagnet.  I have no idea what an electromagnet is normally used for by the way.  The electromagnet is the brownish-yellow thing in the picture.  This part was actually kind of heavy and fun to use.  I remember one of the first things I did with it was putting it up next to can of nails and watching all the nails jump around.

And finally, the time travel instruction manual.  It was a couple of pages stapled together with all-caps font providing instructions on how to operate the Hyper Dimensional Resonator.  I didn’t even need it because of all the reading I had done on the HDR over the years.  If anything, the instructions actually made things complicated because they are poorly written and the all-caps font makes it hard to read.  Steven Gibbs, if you are reading this please clarify your instructions.

Without going into the specifics of how the machine is supposed to work, I’ll just that it doesn’t work how you think a time machine would.  I was shooting for astral time travel and do this with the help the Hyper Dimensional Resonator entailed talking to the machine, asking it what rates are needed to send my astral body to certain space-time region.  The thoughts are picked up through the time coils which are worn around your head, the rates are set by two knobs that you turn slowly as your other hand is scratching the rubbing plate of the HDR until your fingers stick to the box.  Once you get the stick reaction, you stop turning the knob and do the same for the other one.  As far as the switches go, I don’t really remember what they were used for.  The electromagnet amplifies the energies of your stomach chakra.  Basically, the machine works in conjunction with the energies of your own physical and astral body for the desired effect of time travel.  After the rates are set, machine programmed, you basically go lay down and relax..meditate, rest your eyes, etc, until the energies take effect.

To be honest, I maybe tried the whole thing maybe in total about 10 times.  Of those 10-ish time, I had one experience that was maybe induced by the HDR.  I remember after doing a session with the HDR, I went to lay down to relax and ended up falling asleep.  I had a slightly vivid dream where I was transported to an alternate version of Greenville, IL(where I lived at the time)in the year 2003.  The current year was 2008, just so you know.  Anyway, I was in a parallel universe where it was really hilly, like cartoon style hilly.  I’m standing there taking in the scene and then my home ec teacher from High School drives up and says, “I knew you’d figure it out, quick get in!”  I get in and she drives me to this skyscraper like building and tells me to climb it.  I get out and start climbing.  After about half-way up, I can see a bunch of black cars driving up and Men in Black getting out and pointing at me.  I feel the need to escape so I run back down the stairs and realizing this is a dream or astral realm I can do things that normally couldn’t, so I jump up and pull of the most amazing flying side kick ever and floor an MIB.  I continue dashing as fast as I can away from the tower and towards a rising sun coming up from one of those crazy hills.  As soon as I reach the sun, it blinds me and then I wake up.

At this point in my life, this was probably the craziest vivid dream I had that I actually remembered.  I don’t count this dream as proof for the HDR and here is why I think so.  At the time, I smoked marijuana on a daily basis so that could have skewed my perception a bit..or enhanced if you want to look at that way.  Also, the dream could have happened merely because I thought about time travel and the HDR so much that my brain gave me the experience I wanted.  Who knows?

After that particular incident, I didn’t really experiment with it that much.  I was kinda going through a depression, although at the time I didn’t realize it.  I ended up lending it to a friend, and he said he had some experiences with it but I have a hard time taking his account too seriously.  His brain was long gone and he was already known to have hallucinations from years of shrooms and lsd.  Soon, I moved out the garage and into a house with some other friends and the time machine became a topic piece.  It sat in a closet and I ended up selling to someone on the internet for half-price because I needed to pay my share of the rent at the time and didn’t have a job.  On a plus, non time travel related aspect of this story.  I ended up going to counseling and working through a lot of the depression.  I sometimes wonder had I not been depressed, if my results would end up differently?  Perhaps one day when I have some extra cash I’ll buy another HDR, or go the DIY route and build one.  That’d be a fun project.  Electricians on the net say it is really easy to build and the plans to build one can be found online(much like anything else these days)

What did I learn through all this?  I learned to jump down rabbit holes is what I learned.  From researching this I opened a new world of topics to myself.  Philadelphia Experiment, Montauk Project, Tesla, free energy, crystals, meditation, chi energy, some electronics, time travel theories, and a mountain more.  Is it a scam?  I still don’t know for sure because of some of the people I’ve talked to.  My theory on the whole situation is that the inventor is a little nuts, discovered something, something in which he doesn’t entirely understand himself and marketed it.  I don’t think he understand its because of the accounts I’ve heard from others don’t line up with his instructions.  Maybe it’s all bs, but I don’t care.  Be open to new ideas and don’t be afraid of what others think.  I spent a good deal of time worrying about what others think.  Do what feels right and don’t worry about other’s thoughts.  Go have an adventure….and then tell others about it!  That’s what I’m going to do!

If you have read all of this, thank you for reading!  I enjoyed sharing this part of my life, but let it be known this is not the end.  This topic was a springboard into the world of blogging for me.  Keep coming back for new adventures!  I plan to explore much more and share it with you.


  Right now, I am watching a documentary on Bruce Lee titled, “I am Bruce Lee.”  Watching the events of this man’s lifestory unfold before me and how he changed the whole world wells up all sorts of emotions within me.  His movies, physical prowess, spirituality, and philosophy have influenced my life in more ways than I can know.  He had an iron will.  Resolve.  True perseverance and a deep understanding of life.  I want to be all of these things.

What inspired me to write this was a segment in the movie about how Bruce destroyed his back and was told by doctors that he would never walk again.  Here was a man whose life was built on martial arts, a life seemingly ruined.  What did Bruce do?  He didn’t take that crap, worked extremely hard and kept a positive attitude because he WAS going to walk again, and much more than that.  After this part, I had to pause the movie and talk to Joy, my fiancee’ because I was feeling a mixture of all sorts of emotion and just had to let it out.

What did I feel?  I felt pride in calling this man one of my heroes.  NOTHING kept this guy down.  Watch the movie or read up on his life and you will see he overcame so many hardships that most of us never have to deal with.  I felt empowered because of who he is as a person, makes me feel as if anything is possible.  Also a feeling of regret.  I feel like I could be doing alot better at what I do than how I am now.  I’m not gonna beat myself up over it like I used to.  What I can do is become more disciplined in my goals and keep a positive attitude.  I can become like Bruce Lee, and more importantly, myself.  We all can.  All of us are perfect creations.  To be and express these great traits, traits I feel are inherent to human nature we must first realize it is there within is.  And we must also throw away the things that don’t work for we really are.  Bruce Lee did this when creating his creative expression martial art, Jeet Kune Do.  It is not only for martial arts however, it is a way of life.     

His whole life was an expression of who he was.  He was always striving to express himself as clearly and truthfully as possible.  As an artist, this idea resonates with me.  As a human being I want this to become me.  I have lived alot of my life unexpressed.  Some who know me may say that isn’t so, but I am telling you it is the truth.  Old patterns are slowly shedding away and the real me emerges more everyday.  I am becoming a person who openly shows emotion more and lets others know he loves them.

What does this have to do with Bruce Lee?  Alot actually.  While Bruce Lee didn’t teach me this himself and there are alot of people who are helping me to become who I really am whether they realize it or not.  The idea of shedding away what doesn’t serve who you are and knowing yourself has stuck with me ever since I first learned of Bruce Lee’s ideas.  My interest in his life has shaped alot of who I am, and I like who I am becoming.

Thank you Bruce Lee!  I am better person because of you.



Hyper Dimensional Resonator experiment blog

Found a blog from 2005 chronicling an another HDR owner’s experiences.

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Hello again!

Last blog, I stated I would post copies of emails from some people who claimed to have Hyper Dimensional Resonators.  Unfortunately, I deleted those emails awhile back so I am unable to relay the information as it was back then.  I’m sorry.  That being said, I think I’ll skip a couple of years ahead into the story because after the events mentioned in the previous blogs, nothing outside of emailing and looking stuff up on the internet is worth mentioning.

A few years later…

I am now in my early twenties, working at a grocery store and literally living in a garage with the friend I used to prank phone call Steven Gibbs with.  At this point, the HDR, Steven Gibbs, and time travel was all but a tale I would use to show people how “interesting” I was.  I made fun of it with people and use it to start conversations…but I still wondered about it.  This back of mind sort of curiosity nagged at me until I decided to search the internet for info on it again.  There was now more info on the machine, at least two new models of the machine had been designed, more groups and people claiming results.  I ended up joining a forum called Timechatter where I started talking to people about time travel again.

The curiosity eventually welled up and I had to do something about it, and this time I could do more about it.  I had a job this time around and I had tax return money coming in so I decided to finally purchase the Hyper Dimensional Resonator.  I was conflicted about it because I did not want to use my money unwisely, but I just had to know for myself.  After getting the money, I called up Steven Gibbs and placed my order for the Hyper Dimensional Resonator.  My friend was at least a little excited I think, because he was there for most of this.  Another friend of mine was worried about me, because he was afraid I would shock myself or something.  Time travel is not something to take lightly..

I was told by Steven Gibbs that my HDR unit would be mailed in a few weeks.  He apparently had a lot of orders at the time so it would take him awhile to get to building mine.  Dat’s okay, I had waited this long.  The weeks leading up to the arrival of my time machine was filled with much work and evenings of marijuana.  Yep, I said it.  At the time I was an avid smoker and some of these evenings were about pot-induced time travel discussions.  Being a Doors fan, I remember once making a comment about going to visit Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek back in the day because I would have a time machine.  This thought made my roommate bust out into laughter followed by a hmm..chin-scratch..maybe.  Aside from the that, I was also trying to prepare myself mentally.  Because of my interest in the HDR I had found out about the topic of astral projection and self induced OBEs(out of body experiences).

Having tried to induce an astral projection experience without an HDR using the traditional methods without any success, the possibility of having an OBE seemed more possible because I would have techno-shamanic help.  Out of body experiences is something that I do believe is possible.  By traditional methods, I mean meditation/visualization exercises.  I didn’t have results because I wasn’t disciplined in achieving my goal.  The HDR was like the big red easy button of astral time travel.  I wanted to be ready..because when you think about it, really think about it.  Leaving your physical body sounds a little freaky.  “What if I die?  What if I get possessed by a demon?  What if I get lost and can’t get back to my body?”  I only know(and not much)this one version of reality.  Either way, I would have my answers soon.

Next time: Hyper Dimensional Resonator experimentation!



Hello again!

Having first-hand accounts of dowsing and what may have been an MIB encounter, I felt my life was becoming increasingly weird..and I enjoyed it.  There is a bit of an ego trip when you feel as if your life is becoming like a sci-fi in ways.  I’d have daydreams of time traveling to the future, but not 2012..because that was supposedly dangerous.  Daydreams of myself from the future coming to give me a mission, or journeying to parallel universes.  S’pose I could write stories based entirely off my daydreams..(maybe that’s how fiction writers do it?)

Soon after my sister moved, I began to have regular chats on Yahoo! with a man going by the name CarlosX.  CarlosX was in the same group were I met Taog Dibar, the guy who I feel is major influence in what started my research into all this.  CarlosX claimed to have an HDR(and he does, he has videos on Youtube showcasing the machine), and he made some pretty big claims.  Carlos claimed to have physically and astrally been to the past, future, and alternate timelines.

He told me about the concept of Quantum time travel in which you trade places with one of your doubles from a parallel universe.  When worded like that I can’t help but think of Quantum Leap.  It was because of Quantum time traveling that whenever chatting with Carlos, you never knew which Carlos you were talking to.  He claimed to have Quantum jumped so many times that he was now basically on Quantum time travel auto-pilot with no way to turn it off.  I can only assume that in his story that the original Carlos would pop back in to our reality, other wise he would have no way to relay the specifics of his situation.  Unless all versions of Carlos were all time travelers with a collective knowledge of each other’s doings and going abouts.

I don’t have experience in time travel, all I can do is speculate.  No proof has ever been offered and when it comes to physical time travel, there is always some reason for why it can’t be proved, but only experienced.  Knowledge from the future?  Not reliable because when you go the future, it is only a possible future because the future is changing all the time.  Objects from another time?  They deteriorate from losing their “time lock.”  Video or camera evidence?  Magnetic fields erase film rolls or data from camera.  This used to aggravate me so much because there was always a convenient explanation as far why no one can proof that these machines worked.  It had to be experienced and on a act of faith as well.  The reason I bring this up is because Carlos and a few others would tell these elaborate tales and if someone asks for proof they offer a tiny bit..well nothing that proves anything.  They have been a few who have offered some info that I find of use, and these are the people that I have to go out of my way to find and personally email them.  Taog Dibar was one of these people.  There have been a few others.  I think I might still have their email messages, perhaps I will post them and allow the readers to decide for themselves.

When researching time travel, and really anything.  Take what the charlatans say with a grain of salt.  If you want info, you must go out of way to find the meat.  Part of the reason why I stayed with the research for so long was because of a few people who shared their story but only because I personally emailed them.  These were people who claimed to have HDRs and were doing experiments with them, but never posted or talked about the results publicly.

For this last part, while not essential to the story, it was a part of it.  Being a teenager becoming frustrated with some of the inconsistencies with this whole thing, a friend of mine and myself would periodically prank phone calls Steven Gibbs whenever we were bored.  If you try to prank phone call this man, he will call you an alien and not talk to you.  *shrugs*  While this didn’t help any of the info I was hoping to obtain, it was at the time really fun to do.

Next time: Accounts of HDR users(if I can find them)

Thank you for reading dudes!